Alison Hughes

French to English Translations & Copywriting for the Creative Industries

Version française

French to English Translations in the following sectors :

  • Food & drink
  • Fashion & cosmetics
  • Tourism
  • The Arts
  • Copywriting


If you work in the creative industries you will have:

  • identified your target audience
  • written your text with care and passion,
  • carefully weighed up the impact of every word

So adapting the French text for English speakers is not just a matter of translating the words.

I will:

  • write for the same target audience
  • take the same care with my translation
  • carefully weigh up the impact of every word AND
  • ADAPT your text for the target market, paying particular attention to cultural differences.

Send me a challenging creative text and I will live and breathe it till I get it just right!


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