Alison Hughes

French to English Translations & Copywriting for the Creative Industries

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What do I do ?

I translate creative texts from French to English.

What is a creative text ?

You could argue that any translation involves a level of creativity. But a creative text is designed to be read, to engage the audience, and is very often published. A creative translation will convey the essence and message of the source in a style adapted to the target audience.

What can I bring to your creative text ?

The basics

  • I'm a qualified Member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) and abide by the ITI Code of Conduct
  • I have 23 years translating experience, including 17 freelance
  • I have lived in France: I worked for Mumm Champagne in Reims for three years
  • I have business experience: I spent 13 years with top-end companies in the drinks business

So you know I can translate a text and I understand how a business operates.

But what else ?

  • Copywriting: I have a copywriting diploma from the College of Media and Publishing (distinction grade,alison speaking at ITI conference
  • CPD is now a fact of life for every professional. I am Coordinator for the ITI Media, Arts & Tourism (MAT) network and an active member of the ITI French and Scottish networks. I attend conferences and workshops. I organise an annual workshop for the MAT network,
  • Culture and interests: I have project-managed an arts festival, I read French and English magazines, publications and books, I visit France every year and socialise with French friends locally, I love food and wine, fashion, yoga and so much more..

So I understand not only the language you use but also how you use it to reach your target audience.

I live and breathe the language and culture and will live and breathe your text until I get it just right!