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As a general rule, translation quotes are delivered on a "per word", "per thousand words" or "per hour" basis. However, creative translations are unpredictable, will almost always demand more time than can be quantified by word count and simply cannot be rushed. 200 words can take longer than 2,000, two lines can take two days or even longer.

When you contact me to request a quote, several considerations will be uppermost in your mind:

How much will it cost?

This will depend on how long I think I will need to translate the document, including how much research and creative input is required. A longer deadline for a shorter, more intricate text will not necessarily mean a huge translation bill but will allow me to factor in reflection time. I will always agree a maximum price with you before beginning the translation.

How long will it take?

This will depend on how long you can reasonably allow me to produce the translation: I have worked to deadlines for 23 years and I know they are necessary. I also know from experience that unreasonable deadlines are not helpful so I will work with you to establish a deadline that is acceptable to us both.

Will I have to do anything else?

Creative texts are the author's "baby" but can very rarely be translated direct into English. The English translation of the French text must deliver the same message in the style of the original but will often use different concepts more suited to the target audience. I may have to contact you during the translation for clarification of certain areas of the source text. I will of course keep the queries to a minimum but please be willing to cooperate.


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