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Do you need a translation?

First, a few facts:

Not every bilingual person can translate.

Translation is a highly-skilled profession which requires years of study and/or experience.

Not every translator can translate creative texts.

This does not mean other translators are not good at their job.

Just like in other professions, many translators hone their skills to become experts in specific fields.

Not every translator can provide interpreting services.

Translators work with the written word while interpreters interpret the spoken word, mainly in face-to-face situations. Some language professionals offer both services.

Translators are not going to be replaced by online translation tools any time soon.

It would be naïve to suggest that these tools are not affecting the industry. They have their place and many bulk repetitive texts are already translated automatically. And technology is improving.

So why would you pay for something you can get for free?

Put simply: an automated tool uses algorithms and translators use their brains.

Translation is more than replacing one word for another. It means understanding context, nuance and cultural references to produce flawless copy in a second language.

There have been many high-profile - and costly - mistakes circulating the internet. If you work with a human translator you will get your message noticed - and not for the wrong reasons.

The best translations will read like an original.  

My clients tell me I:

"really stand back from a text and then distil the essence":

Claire Fumoleau-Itani, Claire Itani Associates

"...succeed very well in conveying the exact meaning without translating the exact phrasing":

Dimitri Neyt, Public Space, Belgium.

An esteemed literary translator commented I had delivered an "absolutely terrific translation..": Ros Schwartz, Ros Schwartz Translations

But don't just take their word for it. I'd be happy to provide a sample on request.