Alison Hughes

French to English Translations & Copywriting for the Creative Industries

Version française

The Translators Rap

So what's a translator?
You might think not someone cool.
But you know what?
It's not what you learnt at school.
No, not what you learnt at school.

Grammar and vocabulary,
how tedious is that?
But take the language off the page
and alive it will gobsmack,
Yes, it will gobsmack..

Chat up a hunky Frenchman,
order a delish meal on the Med.
Soak up the Tuscan sunshine
and take an Italian to your bed.

An Italian to your bed?
Yes that's what I said.
And before you look aghast,
let me explain.
Pillow talk's tried and tested
for getting vocab. in your brain.

In the name of communication..
communication, what's that?
Furthering better relations,
understanding between nations,
'cos let us not forget,
despite the image in your head,
that a translator's a communicator.
Passing on what needs to be said.

Translator, communicator.
You won't realise till much later
the importance of our role.
Without us there'd be a huge gap,
on the global map a vast hole.
How disastrous would that be?
Should we wait and see?
I think not.

Translator, communicator.
Company does trade overseas.
Translator, communicator.
Without us it's on its knees.
Without the document in its own tongue,
what's the chance of the contract being won?
Without us negotiations are fraught,
our world leaders are a sorry lot.
Who can save their bacon?
Rid them of all the aggravation?
Someone find them a translator.
A translator, a communicator.

Translator, communicator.
A vital role do we play.
Remember that without us
negotiations won't last the day.

Translator, communicator.
What's that you wanted to say??

©  Alison Hughes